Luxbet Review

When was the last time you used your Luxbet login?

If the answer is never than you should really download their app and check out what the entire betting buzz is about. A truly seamless user experience with Luxbet makes for a very interesting proposition.

The guys at Luxbet are fond of a prank too. They got themselves into a bit of hot water this year over a hoax gone wrong when they pretended that a fired staff member had hijacked their twitter account. It was very humorous with the hash tag #DaveGetsFired going viral. The hoax included “Dave” posting videos of his cats and changing the logo of Luxbet to Davebet!

Brave move and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

If you want to give these guys a go, there is a $150 bonus bet on offer for new sign ups. Check out the link below.

$150 Free Bet